Annual Banquet Monday, May 15

Financials from December 2016

Monthly revenue vs. budgeted                 $795,051/$759,325
Monthly expenses vs. budgeted               $423,464/$353,849
Yearly revenue vs. budgeted                     $3,964,535/$3,963,847
Yearly expenses vs. budgeted                  $3,832,767/$3,963,398
Positive or Negative on the Month         $321,586
Positive or Negative on the year             $131,768

3,739 Volunteer hours, mission-wide, this month

Our Mission is to:

Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Poor

5        Decisions to follow Christ for the month (1 rededication’s)
      Number of people completing a discipleship course
48      Laramie Street Sunday School Attendance
 25      Average Attendance in our Chapel services, Laramie Street, weekly


Before School Ministries 
12           Manual
15         Pleasant Hill
46         Trewyn
22         Roosevelt
14         Harrison

36       Pastoral care visits & counsels (non-elderly)
200     Elderly Services home, hospital or nursing home visits
28       Churches that have Adopted Blocks in 61605
40       Hope Builders projects so far this year
 0         Jobs attained this month by people in our care
 45      Visitors to Camp Kearney this month
 15      Teen Ministry Tuesday Bible Study
 18      Teen Ministry Thursday Basketball
15       Teen Ministry Friday
20       Girls Club Average Attendance
 20       Boys Club Average Attendance


10,550  Hot meals to the poor
308       Families helped with food baskets through our Benevolence Center helping 1701
36          Families helped with food at our Harrison Homes Satellite Office
46          Families helped with food at our Sovereign Grace Satellite Office
39          Families helped with food at our Hurlburt House Satellite Office
22         Elderly individuals who had a bag of groceries delivered to their home
20         Average Daily attendance at the Lighthouse Diner


28         Avg. Nightly Census in our New Promise Center shelter
 2           Formerly homeless women moving out successfully


321      Families served with free clothing, furniture, appliances & housewares


8           Attendance at our B’nai B’rith Bible Study
7           Attendance at our Hurlburt House Bible Study
2           Attendance at our South Side Manor Bible Study
7           Attendance at our Heartland Apartments Bible Study
6           Attendance at Courtyard Estates Bible Study
0         Attendance at our Sovereign Grace Bible Study
4           Men attending our Men’s Bible Study
7           Participants in our Redeemed Young Men Mentoring Program
5           Young ladies on the Youth in Motion Praise Dance Team
20        Attending Harvesters senior fellowship
33        Kids after school tutoring

All those people He sends to us.

2014/15 Audit completed May 2016