COVID-19 Update

Our Benevolence Center staff are currently working with limited donation times. Please call 673-1041 for further information. 

Providing Food, Clothing, and other Household Goods to people in need.   

Located just 2 blocks east of our main Laramie Street building, our Benevolence Center is here to fill the gaps for those who are struggling to make ends meet, are experiencing a crisis or emergency, or just have nowhere else to turn.  Our Benevolence Center distributes nearly 500 grocery bags of food and thousands and thousands of clothing and household items every month.  For many this ministry is crucial to feeding, clothing, and providing for their families.     


2919 West Garden Street
Peoria, Illinois 61605

Donations Needed

The Benevolence Center accepts donations of gently used clothing and household goods, as well as donations for the food pantry.

Our staff are present to receive donations on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8am to 2:30pm.  The Benevolence Center is closed on major holidays.  If you would like to get more information about this ministry, you can contact us at (309)-673-1041 or you can contact our Supervisor of Benevolence Center at  

Volunteers Needed

There are so many opportunities for service at the Benevolence Center. Donations are received daily that need to be sorted. Food bags need to be made up. Unusable items are bagged and sold to commodities dealers. Bring yourself or an entire group. To learn more about how to volunteer at the Benevolence Center, click here or contact our Volunteer Services at (309)-676-4604 for more information.

How to receive Help with Food

To receive help with food, you are welcome to come Monday thru Friday at noon.  We accept the first 25 people for items from our food pantry. You must bring a photo ID & proof of mail for your address.

How to receive Help with Clothing or Household Items

To receive help with clothing or household items you must call us at (309)-673-1041 to schedule an appointment.  When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you must bring a photo ID & proof of mail for you address.