Our Benevolence Ministries assist the folks that need a helping hand. From groceries to  appliances, from coats to household goods, our “Benevolence Center” is here to fill the gaps when those emergencies come up and there’s no where else to turn. It’s pretty amazing that when no one else can help God always can!

Our Benevolence Center is located just 2 blocks east of our main Laramie Street building at:

2919 West Garden Street
Peoria, Illinois 61605




Food Pantry ~ Clothing ~ Housewares

The Benevolence Center accepts donations of gently used clothing and household goods, as well as donations for the food pantry.

You can drop off your donations at the back of the building (parking lot side).

Donations are accepted Monday – Friday from 7am to 3pm. The Benevolence Center is closed on major holidays.  Our phone number is 673-1041

There are so many opportunities for service at the Benevolence Center. Donations are received daily that need to be sorted. Food bags need to be made up. Unusable items are bagged and sold to commodities dealers. Bring yourself or an entire group. To volunteer at the Benevolence Center, fill out the volunteer application or contact us for more information.

You are welcome to come Monday thru Friday at noon, we accept the first 25 people, for items from our food pantry. Bring a photo id & proof of mail for your address. 


Pastor Bessie Rush – Benevolence Ministry Manager

Pastor Quinton Johnson Sr. – Lead Ministry Assistant

Minister Joann Bell -Ministry Assistant

Beverly March – Ministry Assistant

Brooklyn Kelly – Ministry Assistant