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Youth In Motion began in 2005 as a way to reach inner-city children through exploring their desire to be creative while worshipping God and learning how to live by His principles.

Volunteer driven and spirit led this group serves locally and travels to various cities ministering and participating in numerous work projects such as city-wide clean ups, clothing drives and food pantries.

The youth are encouraged to reach for excellence and to gain strength and faith even through their challenges. All the Youth In Motion girls are Honor Roll Students and are striving to become productive citizens and God honoring adults.

The team enjoys sharing their talents at nursing homes, schools, churches and community events. YIM just recently toured the South including Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia. Youth In Motion recently shared the stage with Gospel greats such as LeAndre Johnson in Rockford’s largest gospel fest to date

Youth In Motion’s alumni have earned many recognitions including the Servant Leader Award – recognizing their commitment to their educational goals while continuing to teach the word of God to our youth by serving as missionaries through Child Evangelism.


2015-10CraigWilliams 06Minister Craig Williams – I joined South Side Mission in 2003 and was later ordained as a minister in 2009.  Personally and professionally, I am devoted to helping those who need it most in housing projects, dangerous neighborhoods, and the toughest schools on Peoria’s south side.

I am responsible for the outreach of Adopt A Block, Hope Builders Home Repairs, Before School Chapel Ministry in 5 public schools, 5 Food Pantries, Youth In Motion Praise Dance Ministry, Redeemed Boys Mentor Ministry, and I also oversee Elderly Service Ministry.

My wife and I approach ministry as a team, and act together to make an impact-particularly on the youth in our community.  I am a proud husband, father and grandfather, and continue to make my family a top priority in my life, surpassed only by my dedication to God.