Thanks for checking in with us.  We are still serving our community but we have implemented some temporary changes because of COVID-19 .   We’ll be updating our website daily.

South Side Mission COVID-19 Update as of 4-9-20

First of all, thank you to all our partners who continue to support the work of South Side Mission through your continued prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts.  During this time of uncertainty your faithful support will allow us to continue serving an already struggling community. With that in mind, we wanted to provide an update of how we are still serving those in need while abiding by the most recent shelter in place order issued by Governor J.B. Pritzker on Friday 3-31-20 that is intended to hinder the spread of COVID-19.  Here are the steps we are taking to comply with this order for the stated time frame between now and April 30th or until a new order is issued.

Our Administrative Offices (Located at 1127 S. Laramie Street, Peoria, IL 61605)

Our main campus and administrative offices remain open during normal business hours.  We will continue to conduct most of our normal business including receiving and processing financial gifts.

Our Staff

Under the guidelines given by the Governor’s most recent order we have determined that not all of our staff are considered essential to the continued operation of our most basic services.  Non-essential staff have been asked to stay at home and will continue to be paid through April 30th at which time the leadership will re-evaluate the situation.

Our Volunteers

We have asked all of our volunteers to pause the volunteering services that they provide until further notice.  Our volunteers represent some of our most valuable partners and we want to keep them safe. 

Our Youth and Children’s Programs

We have suspended all of our youth and children programs until further notice.  Staff are assisting our local schools in delivering meals to students during the week. 

Chapel Services

We will not be holding any Sunday or weekday services at any of our locations until further notice. 

Our Benevolence Center (Located at 2919 W. Garden Street, Peoria, IL 61605)

We have closed our Benevolence Center (Food pantry & household items) ministry to indoor guests but we are still providing groceries and food items to people every day.  Our Benevolence Center staff have creatively figured out how to distribute food items in a drive-through or walk up manner in order to limit person to person contact. We will not be taking any donated items from individuals at our Benevolence Center until further notice.  These steps will allow us to continue the provision of distribution of food and meet a very basic and important need to those in our community.

Lighthouse Diner (Located at 1127 S. Laramie Street, Peoria, IL 61605)

We have closed our Lighthouse Diner (soup kitchen) to indoor diners.  We are continuing to provide meals to anyone who shows up by delivering meals to people in the same manner we are using at our Benevolence Center.

 Our New Promise Center Women and Children’s shelter (Located at 1127 S. Laramie Street, Peoria, IL 61605)

Our NPC ministry continues to fully serve our current residents.  We have temporarily suspended taking in any new residents until further notice.  Extra steps are being taken to provide additional safety to our residents and we are abiding by the recommendations of the Federal and State governments as well as the Center for Prevention of Disease. 

Our Thrift Stores

We have closed all 3 of our South Side Mission Thrift Stores at the following locations until further notice. 

  •         603 E. War Memorial Drive, (near Peoria Stadium) Peoria, IL
  •         3033 N. Sterling Avenue, (near Forest Hill) Peoria, IL
  •         2125 S. Main, Street,(Field Shopping Center) Morton, IL

We will not be receiving any donated items at our stores while we are closed.

Donated Items

As we’ve already mentioned, we will not be taking any donated items at our Benevolence Center or our Thrift Stores until further notice.   We will continue to work with some of our corporate partners as they continue to donate and provide necessary food items for many of our ministries.

Going forward we will try to keep you updated.  Please continue to pray for us as we navigate the important decisions and changes that lie ahead.  We also understand that all of you are also navigating this difficult time and we are praying for your safety as well.  Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness in partnering with us to serve this community with the grace, peace, and love of Jesus Christ our Lord.   


     Our Vision 

           “Minister to our community in Christ loving ways that provide opportunity for positive change.”

      Our Mission Statement

           “Our mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ, in His name love our neighbors and provide hope to the
             community through life transforming ministries.”


Our Core Values