Building Hope One Project at a Time


Hope builders help fix, repair, and improve homes one project at a time.

Founded in 2004, Hope Builders is a partnership between South Side Mission and the Metro Peoria Baptist Association. By partnering with volunteers, churches, and area businesses, Hope Builders is able to coordinate the repairs to, and renovation of, many homes owned by the economically disadvantaged and elderly in the 61605 zip code.

Hope Builders has grown over the years to include partnerships with churches outside of the Baptist Association, outside the region, and even out of state. Growing from one focus week initially, to now completing projects April through October, each year Hope Builders completes many home projects with the help of volunteers, financial contributions, and material donations. If you are interested, please fill out the application below, before June 1st. Once received, your application will be reviewed.

Please read over the instructions below:

  • Applicants must live in the 61605 zip code.
  • Application must have current contact information including name and phone number. A secondary number should also be included.
  • For financial verification please submit last year’s tax return. If no tax return was filed, you must include proof of income for the past 90 days. (a current Social Security benefit letter and photocopy of the last three bank statements).
  • Each person applying must show proof of homeownership.
  • Please DO NOT call the South Side Mission about the status of your application until after July 1. Someone will contact you if there are any questions.
  • Application must be completed and turned in between March 1 and June 1.

Submitting an application does not mean your project has been chosen. IF your project is picked, we will notify you.

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